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Ups and downs for Tunisia hotels

Following attacks in Tunisia, the market’s hotels have posted several declines and ‘bounce-backs’ over the past two years. 

Here is a breakdown of Tunisia’s hotel performance over the past two years:

Significant declines in revenue per available room (RevPAR) following the March 2015 museum attack, which worsened after the Sousse attack that June, resulting in a 51.7% RevPAR drop for Q3 2015. 

The market has shown signs of recovery, with positive RevPAR performance from July 2016 onwards, yet it is important to note that this is as a result of a bounce-back from the prior year.

Performance reached a peak in July 2016 at 100% RevPAR growth, which is especially impressive as this was 1.6% higher than in July 2014.